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(or Street, Place or Lane). Anyone can adopt, whether a resident or a business. And multiple people can adopt the same court. If you want to Adopt a specific part of a court like ocean side or bay side, just let us know.


We are looking for individuals and families to Adopt a Court. What does that mean? Well for now, it simply means that you agree to patrol your street and your alley behind you as often as you can to clear trash, take photos of violations, keep a record of what you pick up and be on the lookout for ways we can help.

In the future we are hoping to be able to provide you with t-shirts, buckets, grabbers and bags to help you.

If you are interested in joining us, simply tell us by filling out the contact form below.

We know many of you are already doing this so let us know so we can add you to the list.

Want to donate? We'd love the help!

You don't have to, but we recommend you download the NatGeo Debris Tracker so you can share data with others. Otherwise taking photos and sending them to us is just as good.


Sign up to Adopt your Court and join others making a commitment to keep our community clean.

Thanks for submitting!

We use the Ocean Conservancy List.

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Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 4.26.01 PM.jpg


Allerton Ct

Anacapa Ct

Asbury Ct

Aspin Ct

Troy Winters

Avalon Ct

Cathy Ives Avalon and Everywhere Else

Balboa Ct

Bayard St

Brighton Ct

Belmont Park Parking Lot Ocean Side

Belmont Park Parking Lot Bay Side

Capistrano Pl


Abby Murray

Alan Murray

Charlie Brevick

Tony Sanfelice (& Bayside Walk from Capistrano to the Park)

Tim Sanfelice (& Bayside Walk from Capistrano to the Park)

Tagi & Sully Sullivan

Cohasset Ct

Chris Kornell

Kerry Farrar

Coronado Ct

Valeria Turner - Coronado Ct. to the Park

Jane Williams

Deal Ct

Amy Taylor

Devon Ct

Trine & Dennis Nelson

Dover Ct

East Briarfield Dr

El Carmel Pl

Ensenada Ct

Island Ct

Isthmus Ct

Greg Knight

Jamaica Ct

Jersey Ct

Kennebeck Ct

Kingston Ct

Lido Ct

Liverpool Ct

Manhattan Ct

Mission Blvd

Monterey Ct

Jen Jaime

Nahant Ct

Nantasket Ct

Niantic Ct

North Jetty Rd

Ocean Front Walk

Ormond Ct

Ostend Ct

Pacific Beach Dr

Pismo Ct

Portsmouth Ct

Queenstown Ct

Redondo Ct

Rockaway Ct

Salem Ct

San Diego Pl

San Gabriel Pl

Trine & Dennis Nelson

San Jose Pl

San Juan Pl

San Luis Obispo Pl

San Luis Rey Pl

Scott & Jess Gressard

San Rafael Pl

Santa Barbara Pl

Santa Clara Pl

Santa Rita Pl

Seagirt Ct

Strand Way

Sunset Ct

Tangiers Ct

Toulon Ct

Vanitie Ct

Venice Ct

Ventura Pl

Verona Ct

Wavecrest Ct

West Briarfield Dr

Whiting Ct

Windemere Ct

Yarmouth Ct

York Ct

Zanzibar Ct

Mission Point Park and Lot  Oceanside

Tony & Tim Sanfelice

Mission Park and Lot Bay Side

Tony & Tim Sanfelice

Bonita Cove

Mariner's Way Point

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