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December; A Month of Giving Back! Oh, And Some Trash Numbers Too!

We love the holidays. It's that time of year when so many of us connect with family, friends, and members of our community. It's also a time for giving. Whether it's gifts to loved ones or gifts to those in need, the spirit of the holidays is about the joy of life, selflessness, and reflection.

Every year, the Mission Beach Town Council invites us to participate in a Toys For Tots toy drive and Beach Cleanup. We are proud to be a part of this community event and look forward to many more years of this new holiday tradition. It's an opportunity to connect with our community, gift from the heart, and give back to our planet.

Give back to the planet, indeed. December was not a good month for trash. Approximately 15,669 trash items were picked up in South Mission Beach, most of which were picked up by one person off one mile of the Mission Beach shoreline. Adding to the mess were over 30 illegal beach fires, not contained in a portable fire pit or one of the city's designated fire pits. Often times, these people left all their trash behind. The Toy Drive Beach Cleanup was very helpful in getting our community cleaned up.

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined us to give their time and to bring a gift for a child who might otherwise go without any presents for Christmas.

It is our New Year wish for a much cleaner community in 2024.

Here is a look at the December numbers.

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