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Don't Trash Misson Beach: Giving New Life to Items Left Behind.

Many people have asked what we do with all the stuff we rescue off the beach. We are happy to tell you that 90% of what we pick up is donated.

Several times a year, we run a Beach Rescue Sale. This sale funds the trips to the laundromat. If you are interested in very affordable (cheap) towels, sheets, dishes, AirPods, charges, lighter fluid, etc., we post when we have a sale on our FB page, Next Door, and Craigslist. If you are interested in being notified, please send us your email or phone number to text. We are rescuing about 4000 bottles and cans a month. These are given to the homeless, canners, and friends. We have started to take the glass bottles to the recycling center (One Earth) in Mission Valley and asking them to give the funds to someone in need (or standing in line)

3,631 items (Jan to June 2023) were rescued and able to be reused or donated.

Over 2000 toys have been donated to schools, Father Joe's, and anyone who needs them. We also have a 'Treasure Wall' for the smalls for the kids in the neighborhood to find a special something. Blankets, Sheets, and towels have gone to various groups working with the homeless or Humane Society. Unfortunately, nobody, including the Humane Society, will take pillows anymore. Despite that, I have found them a home (after washing) for the 23 pillows this year. Household Items have gone to Kitchens for Good, Father Joe's, scrap metal recycling, or given away. Unopened Food-generally goes directly to the unhoused. The easiest item to rescue and is greatly needed are towels. Every unhoused washing station and every animal rescue group needs towels. Flat sheets and blankets are needed at Animal Rescue, Twin sheets are needed at shelters. Community Christian Services: 1675 Garnet: Needs men's pants, shoes, and towels. The outreach program is in the alley between Jewell and Ingraham. Father Joes takes everything (University and Richmond. San Diego Rescue: Twin bedding, towels, and XL clothing. Call first to confirm the need.

Humane Society- Sheets, towels, blankets.

Shoreline Community (Chalcedony and Cass St) Call first to see if they need any. They do not have a lot of space.

Goodwill Pacific Beach on Garnet is another great place to donate.

We hope this post is helpful to those who would like to contribute to these organizations and can always see your help.

Happy Donating!


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