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February 2022 Total Trash Collected

The month of February. brought over 15,749 pieces of beach trash to South Mission Beach. This represents ONLY the categorized items that one of our volunteers records. Our other five volunteers pick up an average total of 40lbs of trash on a daily basis.

Added to January, this represents 24,896 pieces of trash removed Year to Date.

There were over 66 illegal fires recorded in South Mission on the Oceanfront, Jetty to Belmont.

10 Dog Feces picked up. (This problem is getting worse) 3 Cars were trapped in the jetty with 2 cars being stuck in the sand.

Unusual Finds 11 Bottles of unopened Beer

1 Cell phone 1 Wallet $6.00 cash (thank you for the Donation) 1 Bike seat 5 Reusable bottles 5 Syringes 2 Pipes 1 Remote Control 1 Portable weigher (Cannabis) ! Scissor 2 Life vests 11 unopened cans of Liquor 3 unopened bottles of soda


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