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January Beach Trash Totals 10,000 pieces of trash.

Don't Trash Mission Beach Trash numbers are for the last two weeks in January. We now have our Cohasset Court Trashpickers using our app to count their beach trash! This is a small representative of the beach trash as there are many others who also pick up trash and do not use our App.

The total count of pieces is 9252 in South Mission Beach.

This represents ONLY the categorized items that one of our volunteers records. Our other five volunteers pick up an average total of an additional 40lbs of trash on a daily basis but they do not hand record each item.

The Finds of the Month:

  • 2 Reusable Bottles

  • 72 Gallons of Santizers from Walmart found at Bonita Cove. Thank you to the person who notified us of this. Most of the sanitizers were donated to PB Elementary.

  • 7 Bottles of Beer- Hard Seltzers

  • 1 Golf Club

  • 1 Spikeball Game

  • 2 Volleyballs

  • 10 Tennis Balls

  • 1 Yoga Mat

  • 2 Types of Tools

  • 1 Tent

Of Special Note

  • 23 Illegal Fires on the Oceanfront in South Mission Beach. We estimate this is about half of the illegal fires in South Mission. 90% of the illegal fires include trash and liquor.

As you can see over the years how much trash has increased in South Mission Beach. The numbers below are not all the beach counts due to losing cell coverage during the beach cleanup.

  • January 2021- 10147 Pieces

  • January 2020- 4502 Pieces

  • January 2019- 4028 Pieces

  • January 2018-5722 -pieces

We appreciate and thank all of our court stewards and others who pick up trash on the beaches, streets and alleys of Mission Beach. To see images: Follow and see our Facebook Page for the monthly images and follow us on Instagram.

If anyone would like to participate in our Beach Trash Count, you can sign up for free at DebrisTracker. org, and record your trash pieces under Don't Trash Mission Beach. To Sign up to Adopt a Court Debris Descriptions Hygiene and Health

  • PPE= Masks and Gloves

  • Personal: sunscreen, makeup chapstick, contact lens, eyewear, sunglasses, tampax, condoms, hygienic products, sanitizers, lotions, hair dye, toothbrushes, dental picks, q-tips, toothpaste, razors

  • Dirty diapers, dog feces

  • Tweezers, knee pads,

Sports and Toys

  • Fishing Gear: Crab pots, fishing line, ghost nets, hooks, bait, lures, fishing poles

  • Sporting Goods: Wetsuits, fins, volleyballs, soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls, games,

  • Boogie Boards and Floats-paddleboards, surfboards, boogie boards, floats,

  • Toys and Parts: Beach Toys, straps, dog toys


  • Dishes: Reusable bottles, glass cups and dishes, baskets, household items, tools, scissors, knives, metal utensils,

  • Furniture: Umbrellas, beach chairs, lounges, stools, plastic bins, tents, BBQ’s and parts

  • Electrical: cell phones, batteries, chargers, ear buds, sound systems, flashlights. Electrical cords, lightbulbs

  • Miscellaneous Car: Tires, car parts, oil, filters,

  • Paint brushes, paint

  • Jewelry

  • Cooler


  • Cigarette Butts, vaping devices, cannabis, cigarette packaging, syringe, drugs, prescription medication


  • Fast Food, food, Food wrappers, cups, packaging, plastics, plastic utensils, straws, stirrers, popsicle

  • Condiments- to be added to Food

  • Paper and Lumber products: Napkins, paper bags, charcoal, wood, wooden spits

  • Lighters-Lighter Fluids- matches

  • Glass pIeces

  • Drink containers, including plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, metal bottle caps, metal cans, glass bottles.

  • Metal utensils, glass dishes, reusable plastic containers, pots, pans.

Miscellaneous: For those who just count pieces,

  • small pieces of broken plastic, strapping bands, zip ties, packaging, price tags, fruit labels, scooter and bicycle parts, silly string, party leftovers, confetti, can include any of the above

  • Foam- broken boogie boards, styrofoam ice chests, food containers, cups, packaging

  • Plastic Bags: Grocery Bags, zip lock bags, reusable bags

  • Money

Textiles Towels- Linens: Towels, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, pillows, rags,

  • Clothing: Socks (thrown away) underwear (thrown away) clothing, purses, wallets, backpacks

  • Hats

  • Shoes

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