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May Gray Mayday

The month of May brought nearly 21,000 pieces of beach trash to South Mission Beach. This represents ONLY the categorized items that one of our volunteers records. Our other volunteers pick up an average total of 40 lbs of trash on a daily basis.

We just can't seem to get out of this weather cycle of day after day of overcast skies. We all know that continuous days of no sun start to affect how we feel mentally and even physically. Want to know what makes it worse? Seeing trash all over the place. It's bad enough on beautiful days, but when you are already feeling gloomy, seeing the mess that way too many people leave behind just makes the weather even sadder.

Added to the monthly trash pick up is 155 Pounds of Trash from a Beach Cleanup we hosted with our sponsors, the Mission Beach Town Council, Olive Baking Company, Belmont Park, and the Felice Agency Branding and Marketing. f

Here is a look at all the numbers.

In Addition, 21 Illegal fires were reported.


Three sets of Air pods (one was returned)

1 Cell Phone (returned)

75 Unopened bottles of liquor

9 Reusable Bottles

4 tools

$12.60 found

1 mattress burned at a firepit

Students left tons of bedding which our outreach centers and human societies greatly need, not to mention food, clothing, shoes, and dishes. Landlords need to get better at informing students that Mission Beach is not their personal dumping ground. Students should have a plan to donate unwanted items that still have use.

Thank you to all the volunteers at our beach cleanups, in our neighborhood, and the other organizations that make Mission Beach a clean, safe place to live and visit.

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