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Mission Beach Loses Over Five Hundred Pounds In Just Hours! Learn How Today!

The 2nd annual Don't Trash Mission Beach, Beach Clean and Food Drive was a great success. Approximately 80 of our amazing volunteers collected over 500 lbs of trash in South Mission Beach! Included in the mix were over 23 towels and blankets, 61 toys, 23 pairs of shoes, and 500 plus glass and plastic bottles and cans.

In addition, over 100 food items were donated to the San Diego Food Bank.

We wish to thank all of our sponsors: Mission Beach Town Council, Olive Baking Co, the Felice Agency, Belmont Park, and Randall's Sandals.

We also have to give props to our volunteers who helped man our booth: Jane Williams, Andy Chotiner, Chris Ives, Isaiah Gonzalez (Olive Baking), who helped check people in, gave out supplies, and weighed trash that was brought back by our volunteers. We also wish to give a big thanks to the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department, who are always wonderful and supportive. They need our community support.

We were so happy to have the opportunity to meet Rey Contreras of BluLite Bonfires and Trisha Goolsby of Cans 4 Books. Click on their links to find out how awesome they are.

Thank you Steve Schwab of the Beach and Bay Press for this wonderful story on our efforts here in this southern California jewel. Read here.

A special shout out to Don't Trash Mission Beach co-founder Cathy Ives whose continuing dedication to our community and planet inspired our organization. Thank you to Kerry Farrar, who came in and gave us a considerable boost in volunteerism due to her community outreach to our local schools. Our children are our future!

Finally, a big thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help keep our beautiful beaches and neighborhood clean! See you next time!


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