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Star Spangled Mess! The July Beach Cleanup Numbers

July is a month of celebration! We have the 4th of July, beach vacations, family picnics, and time relaxing in the sun. It's that month when it feels like summer is officially here.

Every year, the community of Mission Beach welcomes San Diego locals and visitors from all over the country to spend some much-needed time off. Too often, it comes at a price.

In July, one person picked up nearly 12,000 pieces of trash. That number does not include trash picked up by our neighbors, community groups, San Diego Parks and Rec., and other volunteers who contribute their time to keep Mission Beach clean.

Here is a look at what we found in July.

2 Jetty jumps. Cars stuck at the jetty and digging themselves out of sand or calling a tow truck. This happens way too often and, much of the time, causes a lot of damage.

Reusable Bottles- 6. We donate or sell to raise funds

Unopened Beer-16. Thank you!

Unopened Soda -16. Don't drink it but thank you anyway.

Found Money- $23. Thank you for your donation!

We Returned- 1 wallet ($60) and car keys. Lucky them!

Illegal fires-19. Come on, people, if this keeps happening, we will lose the privilege altogether.

Laundromat Trips-5. We salvaged many items of clothing, beach towels, and blankets.


1 Clean Up. Please volunteer!

1 Beach Trash Rescue Sale- Bay Park. Thank you to all who attended!


1 large Bong. Smokey, smokey!

1 Speaker. Thank you!

1 Power Charger. That will come in handy!

3 Sets of Glass Dishes. Sold!

1 pair of scissors. I have enough! Sold!

1 Child booster seat. We have no children! Sold!

1 Stroller. Still no children! Sold!

1 Barbie. Took her to watch her movie!

5 Fireworks. Illegal and annoying!

We have one Earth and one chance to get it right. Stop screwing up and clean up after yourselves. You know who you are!


We are looking for individuals and families to Adopt a Court. What does that mean? Well, for now, it simply means that you agree to patrol your street and your alley behind you as often as you can to clear trash, take photos of violations, keep a record of what you pick up, and be on the lookout for ways we can help.

Interested in helping out? Click here.

You can follow, like, and view images on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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