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The Tragedy of Mariner's Way and Bonita Cove

Our hearts go out to the folks at Parks and Rec who have to deal with this monstrous abuse of the privilege to enjoy a public park. The residents are assaulted every night with fireworks and what you see here are the remnants of just ONE night of illegal fires, camping, littering and illegal dumping in Mariner's Way and Bonita Cove.

We advocate for more resources for parks and rec including staff so that there is a presence at night to deter this kind of crime. The video you see here was taken from Capistrano on a Sunday night after 9pm but the fireworks go off every night until 2am and as early as 5am in the morning.

The concussive impact of sound like this can kill fish and wound other marine animals like dolphins, who are severely impacted, thereby driving the marine life we love far away from our shores.

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