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We Love A Clean Mission Beach

September is one of our favorite months in Mission Beach. The crowds thin, the evenings are quieter, and the locals get the beach back.

The one thing that remains pretty consistent is the amount of trash picked up on the beach and throughout the Mission Beach neighborhood. Thank goodness for our volunteers who get out there and keep up with it as much as possible. Thank you to everyone!

We did get some great help as a response to Coastal Cleanup Day. I Love A Clean San Digo put on the 39th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day and Don't Trash Mission Beach served as Site Captains at Belmont Park. Thanks to many volunteers in the Mission Beach Community, the City of San Deigo, and many kids from the SD Unified School District, we recovered approximately 253 pounds of trash. All items have been added to the monthly grand total.

It was a wonderful event, with Belmont Park giving away free tickets to the Roller Coaster. MOOP (Mark Schmid) giving away free MOOP t-shirts, and Sarah Mattison (Olive Baking Company) giving away delicious treats. Thank you to the volunteers who helped us keep it all organized.

Okay, let's look at some of the other numbers!

Total Items: 15471

Days Cleaned: 25 Days

Jetty Jumps: 2


Unopened Liquor: 25

Unopened Soda: 12

Wetsuit: 1

Illegal Fires: 19

Changes in reporting:

  • All plastic-disposable kits are now being reported under Balloons

  • Chinese Lanterns are now being reported under Balloons

  • Fireworks are being reported under Toys-Entertainment as we do not have a separate category for them.

  • Styrofoam containers, including cups, will now be reported under styrofoam.

  • Broken glass on the boardwalk will not be reported under Get It Done. (See images)


September 2022 = 26,233

September 2021=18382

September 2020 = 12,386

September 2019 = 853 (Lack of Volunteers)

September 2018-=3471

2018 Cost of Keeping San Diego Oceans Clean

Beach Waterway Cleanup: $342,165

Street Sweeping- $4,800,800

Storm Drain Cleaning $6,400,000

Manual Cleanup- $810,000

Storm Capture $555,922

Public Education- $1,200,969

Total of $14,108,000 YIKES!


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