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September Beach Cleanup Stats: 26,233 pieces of beach trash removed.

In September of 2022 our volunteers removed 26,233 pieces of trash. These statistics are from South Mission Beach Oceanfront Only and does not include the trash picked up by other volunteers that do not use the Marine Tracker App. We also conducted a Beach Clean Up in September removing an additional 348 pounds of trash and we had 140 volunteers:

I love a Clean San Diego was our co-host and they provided additional volunteers. Our volunteers from September are listed below (if we missed anyone just shoot us an email at

Crime: Assault at the Jetty = 1

Jetty Jumps = 4 (People locked in South Mission Beach Jetty parking lot and drove out by either breaking the lock or bollards,

Water Waste: 2 Reports on Get it Done, for broken faucets in Restroom (Belmont and Jetty) Unusual Finds: Reusable Bottles = 9 Bongs = 1 Find of the Month: $84.00 Nordstroms candle Strollers = 3 Tools Found = Knives, shovels, spade, scissors Liquor = 93 unopened beer Money = $5.37 Wetsuits = 5 Fireworks= 25 Food waste = Coffee, (gallon, unopened) chocolate, graham crackers, fruit, 13 unopened soda bottles, and 6 gallons of water.

Illegal bonfires= 23 Images available on Facebook Page: Photo Album (September 2022)

Thank you to Schwab Charities and the Reed Bartlett Wear and Linda Ann Wear Charitable Fund as well as Hewlett Packard Corporation for your generous donations totally more than $1200. These funds have been used to:

Print Posters for the September Beach Clean Up
Purchase pickers, trash bags and hand sanitizer for beach cleans.
Purchase large banners for beach cleanups.
A portion of funds used to pay for our insurance coverage.
Pay for our website hosting fees.

It is through generous gifts like these we are able to continue to keep Mission Beach beautiful. We are an all volunteer organization and we exist based on the generous support of sponsors like these as well as the volunteer residents who pick up trash as part of our conservation efforts.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so on our GoFundMe account, via Venmo or by check. For more information, send us an email at

To become a volunteer or if you would like to sponsor a beach cleanup, email us at


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