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Beach & Bay Press: Keeping Mission Beach clean a daily challenge for residents.

On a gorgeous April 9 morning, dozens of volunteers including entire families recovered pounds and pounds of trash they’d collected to be weighed and ultimately disposed of or dispensed for the good of Mission Beach.

“It was disappointing to find all the trash in a small area, all the different beer cans, cigarette butts, and sandwiches,” noted Marisa Kaprow of North PB, who joined the beach cleanup, co-sponsored by nonprofit Don’t Trash Mission Beach and the Mission Beach Town Council, with her middle-school-age daughter and three friends. “It was awful. So much nasty stuff, dirty diapers, etc. We took care of it.”

Of contributing to beach beautification, Kaprow said: “It was really special. I told the girls, ‘Look how much cleaner it is. People coming will have a much nicer day because of you.’ They really ‘got’ it.”

“We’ve had Navy people, groups of kids, lots of community members – a great turnout,” pointed out Mission Beach Town Council vice president Sarah Mattinson, adding the town council was hosting a local food drive as well on April 9.

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