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Bonfires: A Hot Topic

This, like so many things are ruined by those who cannot seem to follow the rules and care for their fellow human beings.

Beach fires more often lead to trash and debris left behind along with burning embers in the ground. Too often we find broken bottles, left over food, trash and other food waste along with burning embers directly on the sand posing an environmental and a public health hazard.

So many things that end up being banned in San Diego are almost always something begun with good intentions: making memories on the sand. But these are routinely ruined by people who do not care and worse, purposefully trash our community.

Unfortunately, when the pendulum swings towards more disrespect than respect, that's when the community responds and then something gets banned.

All of these things are easily fixable, everything that we advocate for - less trash on the beach more respect for the environment are not a result of a lack of city resources, it is a lack of human respect for the earth and our communities. If people would just change for the good, imagine the blue world we would live in.

There is no logical or defensible reason for trashing our communities. No political agenda, outrage or anger towards anyone is reason for destroying the natural environment. We love our community and we will work to defend it, but more importantly we advocate for everyone Loving it Like it's Yours.

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