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San Diego Reader: The impact of Halloween in Mission Beach

"I, along with others, are extremely angry over the lack of enforcement on Halloween; there were only two police cars at the parking lot at Belmont, and on the beach, there was a couple with an illegal fire, and nothing was done," said Cathy Ives of "There were 12 fires that I could see."

Almost every day, Ives picks up litter on Mission Beach by the fire pits and the adjacent boardwalk between Belmont Park and the jetty a mile south. On November 6, we talked on the phone as she emailed me photos of her recent cleanup excursions.

"Here's one of a pumpkin and a dead rat, and a brand new pair of $240 Gucci slides/flipflops, one was on the boardwalk, and the other floated away on the tides."

The count for October.

286 glass bottles,

668 beverage cans,

559 plastic bottles.

Thousands of cigarette butts

Hundreds and hundreds of food wrappers and general trash.

About 50 percent of Ives' hauls, she says, is composed of liquor containers, sometimes unopened beers and half-filled cans of White Claw Hard Seltzer.

The October numbers were from one mile of oceanfront beach in 29 days of beach cleaning primarily in the tide-to-towel line. Every day there is broken glass strewn on the boardwalk and the beach.

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