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The April Beach Cleanup Numbers

Picking up trash in Mission Beach
DTMB Volunteer Picking up Trash

With Spring Break in full swing at the beginning of April, we were surprised to

see, the amount picked up was actually down compared to March.

That's OK; we will take it. I'm not saying that over 10,000 pieces of trash isn't a lot.

One thing we continuously notice is the amount of household trash being put into the blue barrels on the ocean-side and bay-side beaches. I have been sorting out that some of those doing this are residents who have opted to use the blue barrels rather than ordering the rolling dumpsters provided by the City of San Diego.

The result is overflowing trash cans that the seagulls get into and create a mess.

I have decided to make this one of our target items to stop this from happening.

Stay tuned!

Below is a breakdown of some items picked up in one month, on one mile of Mission Beach, by one person.

Total Items - 10,335

Total Days- 24

Park and Rec- Garbage Truck broken- using Front Loader -3 days


2 Commercials filmed at jetty

Toyota- 3 days- Jetty Closed

Mayonnaise commercial- 1 day

4 Races 

Jetty Jumps—3—People are locked in at the jetty and drive either up the boardwalk or through the vegetation.



Flashlight- 1

Reusable Bottles- 8

Hatchet- 1

Unopened liquor- 16

Money- $2. 26

Message in a Bottle-1




Illegal Fires-5

Laundromat Trips- 5

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