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The Impact of One Person Away - The February Beach Cleanup Numbers

Relaxing on the Beach
Not Cathy Relaxing on the Beach

For February, the total counts that we usually post are down drastically. When I first saw them, I was like, Wow! That's awesome. We are down by 10,000 pieces over the last month.

Well, I was wrong. We always say that the total number of pieces of trash and other items cleaned up each month is by one person on one mile of beach. Our friend and beach cleanup evangelist, Cathy Ives, was gone for three weeks in February on a much-deserved vacation, so the number I am reporting this month would likely have been much higher.

So, to fix this issue, we have decided to ban Cathy from taking more vacations!

Just kidding, of course. However, the solution to this problem is for us to get more volunteers while she is out of town to help keep the beach from the Jetty to the north end of Belmont Park cleaned in her absence.

The rest of us DTMB volunteers are doing what we can, but we are also trying to keep the Bayside, the surrounding parks, and Mission Blvd. cleaned up. We need your help. Please become a DTMB volunteer, and if you contact us via Instagram, we will be happy to give you a picker to help get the job done.

So, for February, one person picked up over 4000 pieces of trash in one WEEK on one mile of Mission Beach.

Here are all the numbers below.

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