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  • Tim SanFelice

April 2022 Trash Picked Up By One Person

Updated: May 13, 2022

It's an unfortunate trend to see our monthly trash pick-up numbers stay consistent.

Approximately 17, 843 pieces of trash were picked up off of Mission Beach by just one of our volunteers for the month of April. This number doesn't include our April Beach Cleanup that brought in over 500 lbs of trash by 80 plus volunteers, or the trash picked up daily by our neighborhood residents.

Our year-to-date total stands at nearly 60,000 pieces of trash. Why? It's simple, too many people just don't care. Thank goodness for those who do.

If you care; won't you please join us and become a court Stewart or just volunteer to clean up just once a week. It makes a difference. Don't let yourself become desensitized to the trash the careless leave behind.

In addition:

Wetsuit (1) Reusable Bottles (4) unopened liquor (17) Cell phones (2) speakers (3) Money- $5.00, Knives (1) Illegal Fires- 46 Days Beach Clean= 20 Jetty issues: 5, one cut gate lock, 2 cars stuck in the sand, 2 cars moving boulders and driving out over rocks. Car Joyriding on Beach (2)


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