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Beach March!

March is the time of year we look forward to spring bringing us warmer temperatures and more outdoor activities!

It's also the time of year we have Spring Breakers and more San Diegans marching down to the beach. Can you blame them? It's beautiful here. Whether you are a visitor to this neighborhood or a local, we're sure you would agree that the trash left behind in the wake of those having a good time is not beautiful. So why do they do it? If any of you can crack that code, please fill us in.

March brought us our first significant increase in the amount of trash picked up off one mile of Mission Beach by one individual. Nearly 10,000 pieces. This number does not include what is picked up by locals, Parks and Rec, and those other wonderful organizations that come down to give us a hand to keep our neighborhood beach community clean.

Take a look at some of the numbers.


Ear Bud= 1 Reusable bottles =4 Liquor = 64 unopened bottles. (Thank you!) Illegal-fires=17 (oceanfront only, Jetty to Belmont Park)

Trash History:

2023 - 9756 (illegal fires (17)

2022 - 18994 (illegal fires (46)

2021- 14826 (Illegal fires (96)

2020 - 9219 (illegal fires (13)

2019 - 5366 (illegal fires (17)

2018 -7135 (illegal fires (10)

If you care, would you please join us and become a court Stewart or volunteer to clean up just once a week? Don't let yourself become desensitized to the trash the careless leave behind. It makes a difference.


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