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Brand New Year; Same Old Story: The January 2023 Beach Trash Report

Approximately 22,000 pieces of trash were picked up from Mission Beach by just one of our volunteers in January. That is an astounding number considering the small, one-mile length of beach we are tracking. This number does not include any trash picked up north of Belmont Park up to Pacific Beach Dr. or the rest of the entire neighborhood, including the Mission Bay coastline and parks. This is not a great way to start out the New Year.

In January, we recorded 5 illegal beach fires in south Mission Beach, an improvement over last month. That is most likely due to the amount of rain we received.

If you care, would you please join us and become a court Stewart or volunteer to clean up just once a week? Don't let yourself become desensitized to the trash the careless leave behind. It makes a difference.


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