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  • Tim SanFelice

OH NOvember! Mission Beach Cleanup Stats for November 2022.

Fall and Winter months are typically slower here in Mission Beach. The weather is much cooler and wet and so not as many people show up. Sadly, a good amount of trash still does.

The numbers for November 2022 are lower but for the off season, 9823 pieces of trash picked up on one mile of beach (the Jetty north to Voltaire) by one person in a month is just astounding. This does not include what is picked up by other locals and beach cleanup organizations that come down to help our community with a terrible problem. Our sincere gratitude to all of those who volunteer their time.

If you care, won't you please join us and become a court Stewart or volunteer to clean up just once a week. Don't let yourself become desensitized to the trash the careless leave behind. It makes a difference.

Take a look below at a list of items picked up off the beach in November.


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